Swab For Me So I Know It’s Real

Houston, an energetic city known for basketball, breweries, and bustling highways. Somewhere among this enigmatic sea of people, places and things two very different individuals met their match.

Brittany and Ferris both used dating apps before finding each other, they swiped, had a bagel, and did a little fishing. After a few months, each single was equally exhausted searching for the elusive “one” among a sea of daters who were falsely filling up on instant gratification versus real human connection.

Ferris shared with us what had prompted him to join the dating app scene, to which he replied, “I was a single guy who was busy and worked with a majority of people who are twice my age.  I didn’t have time to seek out and get involved with any other social circles, so I appreciate the convenience of dating apps – BUT dealing with serial texters followed by a brief and mediocre dating experience felt like a waste of time.”

These lovebirds are young professionals who weren’t willing to settle for one-night swipers. Instead, they were seeking to have meaningful life experience; a real connection for a reason, season, or a lifetime.

They both took to the web for love one last time because their lifestyles did not allow room for meeting the smart and sexy type among their existing circles. And, that’s when their paths crossed.

For Brittany, dating apps were a way to connect with people she might not regularly meet in everyday life. She didn’t care much for the bar scene, and as a scientist, she didn’t approach dating carelessly; she knew she had a better probability of weeding out partners that were not in line with her values online and by writing a clear bio that stated what she was looking for.

Her intuition served her well. Ferris was drawn to Brittany’s bio more than anything else.

I could tell she knew what she wanted and I liked everything she valued…it also gave me a perfect conversation starter.” He took the road less traveled when he first contacted Brittany, opting out of a generic Hey, how’s it going instead Ferris shared with us:

“Dating as a concept — you have biases and agendas, and it provides for a lot of miscommunication and falsehoods. The fact that she was like: This is it, and this is what I’m looking for — that transparency was great. There wasn’t any weird guessing that I had to do, which as a guy is a good thing because we are not very good at reading situations. For the first message with her, I did this thing… I said to myself, “Okay, let’s give this a shot and respond to her checklist with my answers.” Boom, boom, boom. Answered, and then I ended with “How’s it going?”

   Pheramor Dr. Brittany Barreto and her boyfriend, Ferris, at the 2018 Houston Turkey Trot Run

His honesty followed by a casual opening let Brittany know this is a man that can have fun and hang with a boss babe. “That’s why we’re so compatible, because I am so blunt and transparent about my opinions, or what I’m thinking, and he is really comfortable with that.”

But, that compatibility wasn’t apparent early on for the couple.

On the first date, Brittany thought Ferris was a good “match” for her roommate, so much so that she invited him over to her home on the second date with the intention of introducing the two. By that time Brittany had told Ferris that she was launching a DNA based dating app called Pheramor, unlike her other dates, he didn’t get suspicious or shy away, he actually inquired about being swabbed, and the couple went through the gene sequencing process themselves to learn that they are over 90% compatible. 

Although Brittany still wasn’t fully convinced, the data had her rethinking her decision which inspired an impromptu invite on a third date in Austin filled with music, dancing, sweating and a lot of pheromones. That night Ferris kissed Brittany deeply, and she knew the match report wasn’t wrong. The classic signs of love ignited in her body, she lost her appetite, and she felt shortness of breath, a scientific translation of he took my breath away.  

The match report kept me curious too,” Ferris pipes in during our interview with the couple about their early relationship.

He continued to share with us, before leaving for their second date he was suffering from pre-date jitters, concerned that anything that could go wrong. His fears seemed to manifest as he created misconceptions of Brittany based off of her energy from their first date. Ferris could not know what was going on in Brittany’s mind, but he could feel there was a distance – a distance created (unbeknownst to him) by Brittany’s secret decision to pass him onto her friend. His curiosity fed his commitment and courage, and he not only showed up to the awkward second date, but he also pushed through and accepted to join Brittany in another town for a spontaneous invite to a music festival.

As the couple pushed through awkward moments and dating PTSD, it became apparent that the effort they put in to get swabbed for their DNA reflected the depth needed to give the genuine human connection a chance.

Human emotions are complicated.  That is why we’ve taken a scientific approach to love. DNA and data do the digging for you, so all you have to do is show up and fall in love. It’s all in your HLA genes, baby.

Opposites attract.

When we sequence your 11 attraction genes, we’re looking for your perfect mate with the opposite immune system. Not only does DNA cut through emotional confusion, but it also gives you and your forever date a better chance at conceiving a healthy baby, when the time is right.

We invest the time to see the beauty in your differences and where they align, a healthy relationship does the same.

Ferris felt that Brittany was someone who was unlike him or anyone in his circle. This made it easier for him to talk to her about topics he typically would not speak on with people who are more similar to him, for fear they would not understand. But, Brittany understood, and if she didn’t, in a truly scientific manner, she would ask questions until she did.

“She was the dynamic force I needed in my life.”

Brittany and Ferris felt the undeniable connection growing between them several dates in, without the DNA driving their curiosity and commitment, this couple was at risk of being on the dating merry-go-round. Instead, Brittany dug her heels in the ground and stopped the cycle of passing off good things to other people and shared with us:

That third date I saw Ferris as the handsome, kind and bright man that I’d pitched to my roommate – only now, it had finally dawned on me that I was also deserving of a man of such high caliber. That’s when I had the thought: “Well, maybe I deserve nice things. That was a turning point for me — If he’s so wonderful, why can’t I be with him?”

The work we do at Pheramor is dedicated to creating more of these wonderful life experiences for you. We understand humans on a deep level and want to give you the best chance at love by using DNA and data to empower your dating choices.

If you have a love story inspired by Pheramor, please contact us at hey@pheramor.com. We would love to interview you and write about your journey together!

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