A Pheramor “Science of Love” Interview Series

I am excited about Pheramor, a dating platform that is revolutionizing the way that dating is done. Despite its newness, I know that this model will work—for you, for your bestie, and for all of the singles out there looking for another way—because this new idea is built on the strong foundation of old ideas. It’s based on rigorous, repeatable, real science.

“[Pheramor is] based on rigorous, repeatable, real science.”

Science isn’t just this thing that happens once, and quickly. It’s a process and a community through which ideas are continuously tested. Conclusions are put under increasingly severe pressures and scrutiny, and those that don’t hold up are discarded. Those that do withstand these tests continue to be studied, confirmed, and built upon by new science for decades.

This process makes science hard, slow, and incremental. But it makes it honest, and it makes it reliable. There is a reason why the American people trust scientists more than many other groups of people in particular career categories. Scientists are careful, thoughtful, and honest. This is not because they are inherently better people, but because they need to be. In a job that focuses explicitly on finding the truth, any lie is uncovered.

“Scientists are careful, thoughtful, and honest.”

You can trust science, and you can trust the science that Pheramor has used to make this dating app. It is built it upon an ever-growing mountain of evidence that the rules of attraction are real. A whole community has developed this knowledge since the birth of science, itself. The science of attraction, in particular, has many key players that have put in decades of work and thought in support of these rules.

Select scientists and their work are highlighted in short blurbs on the Science page of the Pheramor website. That said, nothing as short as these little blurbs could capture just how elegant, exciting, and powerful this work is. I have decided to bring you a more detailed series all about the specific studies and scientists who have built the science of love.

Check back every two weeks to hear another voice on why science is impressive, attraction is solvable, and love is real.



ABOUT THE WRITER: Amanda Webb is a late-stage doctoral student of molecular and human genetics who intends to apply her Ph.D. to a career in scientific writing and editing. She has been fascinated by genetics, evolutionary psychology, and, of course, love for most of her life. Amanda has appeared on Pheramor’s “Pheramor Phriday” series to discuss her interests and her work.

#PheramorPhriday guest today is Amanda Webb, a geneticist at Baylor College of Medicine. She will be writing our blog series on the Science of Love. #Science #DataDrivenDating

Posted by Pheramor on Friday, November 16, 2018


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