We’re Partners with Gift of Life to Find Love and Fight Cancer in One Cheek Swab

We’re grateful to announce a new partnership with Gift of Life, an established organization dedicated to connecting potential donors with individuals struggling with a cancer diagnosis. Our collective search to find a match, a cure, and love all starts with a swab of the cheek.

The Pheramor-Gift of Life partnership is a natural formation; we both seek to connect individuals in the pursuit of love and life. “Gift of Life believes every person battling cancer deserves a fighting chance,” says our Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Dr. Brittany Barreto. “Pheramor is committed to backing that fight by increasing the number of potential donors on the Gift of Life registry.”

The Gift of Life Bone Marrow Foundation is an international non-profit bone marrow registry that facilitates bone marrow transplants. The group educates people about the bone marrow registry and allows them the opportunity to swab to become registered.

Pheramor’s co-founders have extensive backgrounds in cancer research and human genetics. Dr. Barreto’s background and practice in molecular and human genetics aligns with Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer Dr. Bin Huang’s doctorate research in computational biology. Shortly after meeting at a Houston biotechnology event, Dr. Barreto and Dr. Huang ideated and launched our company. We combine social media interest and overlap HLA genetic data to measure compatibility between users and their matches.

For us and the Gift of Life, it starts with the swab of a cheek. HLA genes are a source of a person’s immune system information. Decades of peer-reviewed and vetted scientific research reveal that the more opposite your immune system is from someone else, the higher the likelihood you are attracted to that person. Similarly, bone marrow donation matching is HLA gene dependent. Important Note: It is optional for a user to join the registry within the Pheramor app. Pheramor provides the genetic sequencing necessary for users to join Gift of Life’s registry. “We are happy to work together and give interested users the ability to be lifesavers,” said Jay Feinberg, Founder, and CEO of Gift of Life Marrow Registry.

We view our new partnership as an opportunity for Pheramor users to find love, and simultaneously, give back. Shop Pheramor, on Small Business Saturday, and at the same time, support Giving Tuesday with Gift of Life. Start by downloading the Pheramor app free of charge, and, order our swab kit. Deck your holiday—with love and life with the swab of your cheek!

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