How to Defeat Online Dating Fatigue with Science

Online dating fatigue is on the rise. We’re downloading and engaging; then, we’re uninstalling and taking a break. According to the University of Chicago psychologist, John T. Cacioppo, more than 33% of couples who married in the United States from 2005 to 2012 met on the Internet. Among those using online dating platforms, a common word described their experience: “exhausting.”[1] Avoid the depressing and lonely “Hey” in the inbox and know how to circumvent the mundane by making love a Pheramor science.

The most difficult part of online dating–and what of lends to exhaustion–are the stops and starts of getting started. Upon load, online dating may feel like a cocktail party. Who do I talk to? Where do I stand? Where is a person who will strike up a conversation with me while I nod awkwardly? We’re not alone. Unsurprisingly, one of the top online dating related questions people Google is, “How do I start a conversation [when] online dating?”[2] People, understandingly, hear that a first online impression may not correspond to the first face-to-face impression. Personal anecdote: As an introvert, I shakily initiated a conversation with, “Do you prefer Movie Butter popcorn or Light Butter? I don’t like butter, but, I was just asking.” Solid [read: sarcasm]. Pro Tip: Lessen the jitters, ward off the monotony and start a real conversation with data-driven dating.

We launched a new version of our app with a refreshed user interface that aims for simplicity; we enable you to more quickly sort through results tailored you via a scientific approach to matchmaking. Our platform pairs potential mates with a calculated mix of social interest data (pulling from users’ social media accounts) and a DNA swab kit data. Within the mobile app, you review a custom match report which compares your data alongside the data of your potential mate. As part of our Pheramor Phriday video series, CEO Dr. Brittany Baretto walks through how to view the report’s breakdown of gene compatibility and most common interests, a functionality unique to Pheramor.

The Process

  • Step 1: Pheramor is FREE. Download and immediately match on social data.
  • Step 2: Get your Pheramor DNA Kit in the app!
  • Step 3: Get sequenced based off your cheek cells!
  • Step 4: Go on a date based on your likes and chemistry!

Plus, you can improve your profile with feedback from our expert Pheramor Dating Coaches, free of charge. For example, a helpful prompt may ask, “Hi, would you like any advice on your bio or photos?” The coaching service inspires a boost confidence to set you apart within the larger online dating setting. Note: You can use the app for free; however, the DNA swab results allows for more accurate mating.

Being tired of predictable online dating normal. Academic research confirms that approximately one in three people agree wholeheartedly. We’ve heard you and remixed how people date with a platform that replaces a swipe with a swab. Enter the scene and match with mates using a careful overlay of DNA and social interest data. Our efforts go beyond helping people find a spark. In further support of love and life, inside the app, you may opt-in to become a donor for the bone-marrow registry as part of our partnership with Gift of Life. “This partnership is an opportunity to really make a difference and save a life using the same small amount of genetic information that can tell you how attracted you’ll be to someone,” said Dr. Brittany Barreto, CEO and Co-founder of Pheramor. Your optional gesture of love makes a profound impact on global giving. Realistically, you cannot control every variable in the dating scene. Empower power yourself with the Pheramor dating app. Sift out the dating noise by making love a science.

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