Pheramor has finally arrived. The dating app officially launched in Houston, Texas this past weekend, and opened its doors to the diverse, driven, and cultured singles of Houston. Pheramor’s launch party was held in The Museum District at the historic Health Museum. Over 500 attended and more than half left with their genetic test analysis on-site.

The three cofounders of Pheramor — Asma Mirza, Brittany Barreto, and Bin Huang — were all present, with Brittany, in full geneticist mode, kicking off the party with a presentation on the science of love.

The talk was followed by exhibits in the museum, an open dance floor, a fashion show, on-site genetic testing, and a big reveal of one couple’s compatibility using Pheramor’s algorithm!

Pheramor’s launch is taking Houston by storm. Singles who are looking for an authentic and genuine connection have registered for the app and bought their Pheramor Kit. Pheramor Genetic Kits were temporarily sold out!

Pheramor looks at data and genetics to create more genuine connections in the dating space. By using 11 genes to quantify biological and chemical attraction between two people, as well as social media data to determine how well two people will get along, Pheramor is changing the dating space by using real, live data!

If you haven’t already downloaded the app and gotten your Pheramor Genetic Kit, what are you waiting for? Go ahead. Turn on love.

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