Pheramor Named Top 2 Startup of the Year Globally

Hey Pheramor fans – huge news: Right before our app launches in Houston next week, we were named THE NUMBER TWO STARTUP IN THE WORLD!

Yeah, we’re thinking the same thing you are: “Dang!”

Last week in San Francisco, the tech leaders at this year’s Startup Grind Global Conference announced that Pheramor is one of the Top 2 new startups – out of more than 76,000 companies in the running from over 80 countries!  That’s an incredible honor and it’s also a true underdog success story.

Almost exactly one year ago, Pheramor CEO Asma Mirza attended the 2017 Startup Grind global conference and was watching from the audience as other startups took the stage and told their stories. She recalls Brittany texting her and saying, “You’ll be on that stage next year!” Pheramor wasn’t a company yet; it wasn’t even called Pheramor.

This time around, Asma and her cofounders, Brittany Barreto, and Bin Huang were the ones telling their story on stage to a crowd of 10,000 people!

“Honestly, for a startup in Houston, for going from just an idea to launching in one year, it speaks volumes about the opportunities here,” Asma said. “It not only gives us validation that this idea is one of the best, but it also makes us feel like it’s going somewhere great.”

To get to the Top 2, Pheramor cofounders had to tell the Startup Grind judges why Pheramor deserved the title. Key factors included being a female-founded, minority-led company that’s exploring the future of big data by merging genomics to the equation.  Moreover, this data-play by Pheramor can be applied to people’s everyday lives.

“Pheramor is for people who are sick of traditional dating,” Asma said. “It’s rooted in data and in science, and for Startup Grind to announce that we’re in the Top 2 – it gives me confidence as a cofounder that we’re onto something good.

“I cannot believe this is my life!” says Brittany. “A genetic-based dating app was an idea I had back in college. I met my cofounders Asma and Bin a year ago and together we started the company. Now we’re being acknowledged as one of the hottest startups in the world. We’re humbled and grateful.”

Bin Haung came from China in 2012 to get his PhD from Rice University in computational biology. Little did he know he would be one of the cofounders of an innovative new tech platform named amongst the top startups on the world.

The cofounders come from diverse backgrounds. Huang and Mirza are immigrants who came to the United States from China and Pakistan, respectively, while Barreto was raised by a single mom. All three credit their internal grit and the Houston startup environment for allowing them to be leaders of a tech startup.

“Pheramor is the new face of leadership. We represent diversity, technology, and data. We are three educated scientists changing the landscape of interpersonal connections. We’re innovating the dating space,” says Asma.

Check it out for yourself and improve your dating life when Pheramor launches next week!

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