Pheramor featured among TOP 50 STARTUPS GLOBALLY!

BREAKING NEWS – PHERAMOR RULES! Sorry for the all-caps, but here’s a Houston startup success story for y’all. Out of more than 7,000 startups in the running, Pheramor was chosen as one of Startup Grind’s Top 50 companies to participate in its Global Startup Program 2018. First of all, that’s a big deal. Second, it means we’re taking Houston tech to San Francisco next week to talk about our new app with the best of the best at the Startup Grind Global Conference.

This time last year, we were attendees at Startup Grind’s conference and Pheramor was only an idea. Now we’re taking the stage! It’s a testament to how far Pheramor has come, the confidence that tech leaders have in this project, and how much an app like ours is needed in the world of online dating. Imagine a world where you don’t have to go out on cringeworthy date ever again because you’ve been matched via genetics and personality with your perfect romantic partner. That’s Pheramor, and it’s launching in a few weeks.

We started in Houston because that’s our home, and this news shows we have a worldwide audience who understands that the science and research behind our platform is solid, the tech is cutting edge, and our team is ready.In California, we’ll meet up with some of the world’s most influential tech entrepreneurs and get the word out about Pheramor, just in time for our Houston launch later this month.

Startup Grind is a huge independent community of tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and company founders that helps new startups connect with mentors, partners, new hires, investors and users. It only backs the best, and we’re proud that Pheramor has been recognized for what it is – proven science, being applied in a creative way to meet people’s needs via technology. Startups from all over the world will be in San Francisco next week, but we’re the only one that helps people find love with science.

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