Comparing the Top Dating Sites in Houston

Online dating, once considered taboo, has now become one of the most popular and socially accepted ways of meeting a new partner. It offers many opportunities to avoid the pitfalls of the dreaded “pick up” and make a good first impression since the person on the other end wants someone too. Many online dating sites for Houston residents claim to be the best all around, while others have specific audiences in mind.

With lots of dating sites available in Houston and the unique personalized features they offer, you may feel perplexed on know exactly where to place your time and energy. If you aren’t careful, you’ll even find yourself in a financial crunch considering many are paid services. Most online daters are caught in the web of skipping from site to sites and end up putting themselves through endless trial and error cycles that leaves them wondering whether finding the right partner online is even possible. But, the landscape of online dating does not have to be overwhelming.

The secret to success here is to know your intentions and consider your options to determine the best online dating services that suit your needs. Looking for the best online dating sites in Houston might be a task you’re too busy to carry out with proper research.

So, I’ve done you a huge favor here by compiling a short summary of all your options. Remember, you don’t have to stick with just one service! Try using a few at once to increase your odds of finding true love. But, don’t get caught in that endless cycle of jumping from dating site to dating site! With Pheramor, I promise you’ll have a much higher chance of discovering your soul mate since we are the only one to incorporate genetics and web engagement.

Let’s Get to It and Compare the Top Dating Sites in Houston:


OkCupid is a free and open to all dating site that relies on social interactions and self-commentary from users in its community. This dating website gathers its user’s profile information through insightful and entertaining quizzes and social networking activities like emails, public forums, blogs and instant messaging. All these are then used in algorithms to connect people based on their “match percentage.” They then calculate user match percentage based on how strongly and how often their answers correspond with those of others.

Plenty of Fish

Plenty of fish (POF) is a free online dating site that uses the information created by a personality test to predict the best match. This test measures five personality dimensions, each of which is very important to building a healthy, romantic relationship, including the user’s self-confidence, self-control, family orientation, openness, and easygoingness. The site also allows its users to view the profiles of people that catch their attention and even send messages to them. POF has about 90 million registered users and enables people to use its platform without signing up. Although it is free to use, a paid version can increase one’s chance of finding love.


This dating website believes that a detailed user profile will yield a better result. The program tasks every new member with completing a lengthy questionnaire (another similar personality test) that is intended to determine characteristics, core values, temperament and ultimately, compatibility. Then, users can instantly check or view the profiles of members that have been pre-screened.

eHarmony believes that matching up people using the personality test produces better results than allowing everyone to say whatever they want about themselves. While basic registration is free, members are required to select the membership subscription plans that work for them.


FirstMet is one of the biggest online dating platforms with over 30 million users. Users can opt to sign up for matches with their emails or connect directly with their Facebook accounts. The site allows new users to pick at least three interests from a collection of images to match them up with other users based on shared passions and hobbies.

FirstMet matching process is easy; it presents a series of pictures to its members who are to respond by clicking “yes” or “skip.” The site also introduces new members to users every day under the “intros” tab based on its matching algorithm. Users with free membership can search and chat with other members but are not allowed to benefit from all the features the site offers. Paid users can browse outside their country, see those who checked their profile, and receive unlimited messaging.

Houston Singles

Houston Singles is one of the leading online dating services for Houston residents. The site relies on compatibility to provide romance. Users go through a unique “72 PT Compatibility Test” that is aimed at understanding their personality, interests, and dating expectations to find suitable partners for their clients. All members undergo a lengthy screening process to connect to quality singles that are stable legally, emotionally, and financially. There is also a seven-step program for members who require additional assistance in dating. The program called Meet the Perfect You includes date coaching, wardrobe recommendations, make-up and hair suggestions, a fitness and nutrition plan, and life coaching to help prepare anyone for a date.

Mingle 2

Mingle2 is one of the most popular online dating sites in the United States. Opening an account is pretty easy, but its speedy registration can lead to sparse-looking result list and a lot of empty-looking profiles. Users can personalize their options to get matches from certain sexes, ages or locations. Mingle2 places more emphasis on photos than on profile information, and this might skew its users towards casual hook-ups. Mingle 2 is a free dating platform, but all the added tools and features can be quite expensive. Paid members have an instant messenger, and a competent email system can even subscribe to have their profile displayed on the first page in the search results.


Finally, we have our app! Have you ever wondered if you would ever discover the secret to making your dream of finding your perfect match a reality? After going through the endless trial and error cycles and skipping from one dating site to the other, finding the right partner online might seem almost impossible. But the good news is, you can find your perfect match with Pheramor dating app, which is the future of online matchmaking with state-of-the-art genetic profiling and unique web engagement matching.

How is Pheramor Differ From Other Dating Websites?

Pheramor is simply the secret to online dating success. It relies on its user’s personality, attraction and web engagement to find their perfect match.

Pheramor’s dating app integrates dating with science and technology. These unique features combine to create the only online dating platform that incorporates genetics and web engagement to find you more successful dates. It simply draws your personality, interests, character, likes, and dislikes from your genetic and social media activities to determine your compatibility. After pulling data from your social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter activities, Pheramor will then analyze the genes responsible for attraction (known as pheromones) to predict who you will have instant chemistry with even before you meet. This approach aligns your nature with nurture without boring you or wasting your time, unlike other dating sites that force their users to take instead of an arbitrary personality test, complete long questionnaires or undergo a long screening process. Many of those so-called “chemistry tests” simply don’t have the scientific backing they claim.

Starting up with Pheramor is pretty easy. Just sign up with your name and email, allow the site to build your profile according to the information on your social media metadata for you to start connecting with local singles. Swab your cheek with the Pheramor kit that would be given to you and return it using the pre-paid envelope to enhance your profile and find your perfect match. From there we do the rest!

Final Call?

In the United States, Houston is the fourth most populous city and the most populous city in Texas. Finding the right partner among so many singles can be a daunting prospect. However, the dating sites in Houston have come to our rescue; when it comes to online dating, the Pheramor dating app can be considered the cream of the crop. We beat the competition by incorporating genetics and web engagements to find its users the perfect match. It saves its users the trouble encountered on various other dating sites, and the time spent swiping left on incomplete or incompatible profiles. With the high security, powerful and accurate technology, and other features it offers, exploring this dating site will make you forget the more established ones.

Go ahead and put us to the test! I guarantee no one else truly compares to Pheramor.

Find out more about Pheramor’s dating app here!

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